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The CPMG was formed in January 2002 "to drive initiatives to environmentally enhance, conserve, maintain and secure the Cliff Path of Hermanus from the New Harbour to Grotto Beach (Piet se Bos) for the safe use and pleasure of the residents and visitors to the coastal community.

The CPMG works under a co-management agreement with the Environmental Management department of the Overstrand Municipality (OSM) and within the Fernkloof Nature Reserve (FNR) Management Plan.


To enhance

  • Vegetation: Restore the natural biodiversity of the Cliff Path through the eradication of alien vegetation and by replanting local indigenous plants.
  • Cliff Path: Preserve and improve the physical and aesthetic qualities of the coastal path.
  • Viewing areas: Work with the Overstrand Municipality to improve the physical attributes of the sites (benches, ablution facilities, accesses). Maintain a coordinated directional signage programme.
  • Pollution: In conjunction with OSM appointed contractors attain a litter-free environment.

To maintain

  • Protection of the fynbos from alien vegetation encroachment.
  • Preservation of the path structure Conservation of the indigenous flora and fauna.
  • High standards of cleanliness.
  • Archaeological sites along the length of the cliff path.

To secure

  • Protection and safeguarding of the paths and viewing areas by alerting, liaising with and supporting professional security structures (HPP, OSM Law Enforcement and SAPS) in conjunction with established community programmes.


With generous support from private individuals and the OSM the Cliff Path Management Group has achieved the goals which it set itself when it was publicly constituted in 2002.

Cliff Path Restoration
The entire 11 747 metres of the cliff path have been upgraded primarily in exposed aggregate concrete to a width of 1.2 metres (previously 600 cms using a variety of surface materials). Upgrading and maintenance are ongoing.

Alien Species and Litter
The removal of litter and control of alien vegetation is undertaken regularly by contractors, Working for the Coast, and by CPMG committee members and volunteer groups.

Co-ordinated, informative/educational signage is in place at all major points along the entire Cliff Path section of the Fernkloof Nature Reserve.

Biodiversity Walk
A self-guided walk was created in 2015 by the CPMG along the coastline between Hermanuspietersfontein and Gearing’s Point. Featuring five stone-clad seating nodes and a series of over 20 unobtrusive informative signs describing the geology, history and natural biodiversity of the coast, the Walk is monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras for safety and an ongoing litter and alien vegetation programme is in place.