Botanical name

Erica ioniana



Common Name

Small Nodding Heath
Erica ioniana
Erica ioniana
Erica ioniana
Erica ioniana


Low, compact rounded shrub, no more than 15cm high, branches slightly spreading. Leaves are 4-nate and sparsely hairy all over; 12-20 bell-shaped flowers are arranged in dense, pendent heads at the ends of short drooping branchlets; flowers are pale-pink to cream and tend to hang face down, giving ants the best view! Anthers not exerted and are a pale-yellowish brown.

The pendent habit of this species, with flowers close to the ground, suggests some form of pollination by creeping insects.

Erica ioniana is a highly localised endemic from the Kleinrivier Mountains.

After: Dr Ion Williams, who discovered the species in Vogelgat Nature Reserve.


Sandy south-facing mountain slopes

Flower Date

February to March