Botanical name

Watsonia angusta



Common Name



Cormous geophyte up to 1.2m tall. Leaves sword-shaped, often with a waxy bloom, 12-20mm wide. Flowers scarlet in elongate, usually branched spike; perianth tube 36-44mm long, tubular above; stamens arcuate (curved upward like a bow); bracts mostly 9-14mm long.

Capsules narrowly spindle-shaped, tapering to a narrow tip.

Corms of this species are often scratched up as food (Afrikaans 'kos' = food) by partridges (Afrikaans = Patryse).

After: Sir William Watson (1715-1787), London physician, apothecary, botanist, Fellow of the Royal Society. He helped to introduce the ideas of Carl Linnaeus to England.


Montane marshes and streambanks in fynbos

Flower Date

November to January