Botanical name

Pelargonium betulinum



Common Name

Kanferblaar, Maagpynbossie, Suurbos
Pelargonium betulinum
Pelargonium betulinum
Pelargonium betulinum


Erect or sprawling shrub up to 1m; woody branches are glabrous or minutely downy. Leaf stalks up to 3cm; leaves rather hard and glabrous or covered with fine short hairs, margins of leaves are dentate, teeth unequal and often red-tipped; inflorescence is umbel-like and usually 3-4 flowered; pink to purplish flowers with darker streaks are common; the upper 2 petals are broader and darker coloured than the 3 lower ones; 7 fertile stamens are present.

Species introduced to Britain by Francis Masson in 1786.

The common name Kanferblaar is derived from the camphor-like scent of the crushed leaves.


Confined to coastal areas, usually in sandy soils

Flower Date

August to January