Botanical name

Myrsine pillansii



Common Name



Usually a much-branched shrub, occasionally a small tree up to 4m. Bark grey to greyish-brown. Leaves ovate to elliptic, glossy dark green above, paler green below, thickly textured, apex narrowly rounded, occasionally notched, base tapering, margin entire, sometimes with a few scattered teeth; leaf stalk about 5mm long and covered with glandular hairs; flowers small, greenish, in axils, solitary or in small clusters of 2-4, stamens with brown anthers.

Fruit about the size and shape of peppercorns, purple when ripe.

After: Neville Pillans (1884-1968), botanist and curator at the Bolus Herbarium Cape Town. Assisted Prof. Henry Pearson in selecting the Kirstenbosch site for the future National Botanical Garden.


Low scrub or bush, or along streams at margins of evergreen forest

Flower Date

May to October