Botanical name

Microloma sagittatum



Common Name

Bokhorinkies, Wax Creeper, Heuningblommetjies
Microloma sagittatum
Microloma sagittatum


Slender climber up to 1m or more; sap clear. Leaves opposite, oblong, narrow, 7-35mm long, with margins turned downwards; flowers cylindrical, fine-haired, tapering, 5-11mm long, pink to red with pointed petals; flowers clustered together in groups of three to nine; forked fruits give this plant its common name Bokhorinkies.

The flowers of this species are unusual in that they remain in a bud-like state with the petals twisted tightly together. The Lesser Double-collared sunbird is able to thrust its bill into these flowers and extend its tongue to the bottom of the flower to reach the nectar; the pollen becomes attached to the tongue and is only detached inside the next flower.


Rocky outcrops to sandy flats

Flower Date

June to October