Botanical name

Maytenus lucida



Common Name

Cape Maytenus, White Silky Bark
Maytenus lucida
Maytenus lucida


Low-growing shrub, occasionally a small tree up tp 4m. Bark grey to brownish, branches stiff and ascending, without thorns. Leaves alternate, ovate to almost circular, 1.3-4 x 0.8-4cm, leathery, without hairs, apex broadly tapering to almost rounded, with a bristle tip; margin entire, rolled under, petiole short. Flowers small, creamy-white in tight axillary clusters.

Fruit is a 3-lobed globular capsule, yellowish turning light-brown, about 5mm across, containing seeds enveloped by a thin aril.

Latin: luceo = to be light to shine; referring to the light, shiny appearance of the shrub


Coastal sand and dune bush

Flower Date

June to January