Botanical name

Cleretum bellidiforme



Common Name

Bokbaaivygie, Livingstone Daisy, Skilpadbos

Synonym (old name)

Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
Cleretum bellidiforme


Tufted annual up to 10cm in flower. Tongue-like to paddle-shaped fleshy leaves, covered with bladder cells; bears red, yellow, pink or white flowers 2-3cm across, on pedicels up to 25mm long, opening in the sunlight; fruits are 5-segmented.

The whole life-cycle from germination to seeding and death is completed (August to November) before the summer is well advanced.

The common name Bokbaaivygie is from the little bay on the west coast where the species grows very commonly.


Sandy flats

Flower Date

August to September