Botanical name

Brunsvigia orientalis



Common Name

Candelabra Flower, Perdespookbossie, Kanderlaarlelie
Brunsvigia orientalis
Brunsvigia orientalis


Bulbous geophyte up to 60cm, bulb 10-15cm in diameter. Leaves appear after flowering, 4-8 tongue-shaped, prostrate, 7-19cm wide, upper surface usually velvety; flowers 20-40 in large spherical umbel, bright to light red, lobes turning back in the upper half, on long red flower stalks; fruits are 3-winged and heavily ribbed; umbels of fruiting heads, dislodge themselves from the plant and roll about in the wind, scattering the seeds as they rotate.

Common name Perdespookbossie, probably derived from horses becoming "spooked' or frightened by the tumbling dried umbels.


Sandy coastal flats

Flower Date

February to April