Botanical name

Berzelia alopecuroides



Common Name

Red Berries

Synonym (old name)

Brunia alopecuroides
Berzelia alopecuroides
Berzelia alopecuroides
Berzelia alopecuroides


An erect sturdy shrub up to 1.5m. The hairless, stalkless stiff leaves are 4mm long and crowded on numerous ascending branches. The flowers are borne in massed heads about 15cm or more across at the ends of the main branches. The globular cream flower heads are 5mm in diameter and are arranged in short racemes. The striking fruit is distinctively red coloured and persists in clusters on the plant giving an attractive appearance of red berries. The fruit gradually fades in colour and can remain on the plant for a further season.


Marshy areas on mountain slopes

Flower Date

September to January