Botanical name

Muraltia spinosa



Common Name

Skilpadbessie, Tortoise Berry

Synonym (old name)

Nylandtia spinosa
Muraltia spinosa
Muraltia spinosa


Rounded, thorny shrub up to 1m. Lateral branchlets are short and pungent. Leaves are stalkless, oblong; flowers are solitary in axils, pink or purplish or white; fruits are red or orange, fleshy, or yellow, leathery.

Latin: spina = thorn, spine, prickle; referring to the thorns on the plant.

After: Johannes von Muralt (1645-1733), Swiss surgeon and botanist, anatomist, professor of physics and mathematics at Zurich Collegium Carolinum.


Sandy, clay or rocky flats and slopes

Flower Date

June to July