Botanical name

Gladiolus maculatus



Common Name

Kaneel Pypie, Klein Bruin Afrikaner
Gladiolus maculatus
Gladiolus maculatus
Gladiolus maculatus


Cormous geophyte up to 70cm. Leaves linear, leathery, 1.5-2mm wide, 3 or 4, lower 2 basal, upper leaves arise from the stem; flowers 1-3, occasionally 5, vary from cream-yellow to pink, densely to lightly speckled with dark brownish spots; the petal margins are wavy, the tips tend to curl backwards; transparent edges to the upper petals.

Flowers strongly to sweetly scented both day and night suggesting pollination by moths.

Latin: macula = spot; referring to the speckling on the petals.


Mainly clay slopes

Flower Date

March to July